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Stephen Moore: Sustained economic growth will bring down the deficit.

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says sustained economic growth will bring down the deficit.

From, Tim Worstall explains why the trade deficit isn’t slowing GDP growth.


At, Ralph Benko encourages President Trump to embrace Hamilton’s nationalism by bringing back the gold standard.

The NY Sun says Le Pen should channel De Gaulle.


On Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says Trump’s tax plan will be a home run.

At FEE, Jeffrey Tucker says Trump’s tax plan is brilliant economics.

From, John Tamny says Republicans should stop talking about revenues and budget deficits.

On ThinkMarkets, André Casajus and Andreas Hoffmann make the case for a flat tax.


At, Norbert Michel explains why fixing Dodd-Frank is critical to ending bailouts.

Photo Credit: Number 10 Creative Commons 2.0

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