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Steve Forbes and George Gilder discuss “Life After Google”

Policy and Government

Steve Forbes, at, presents a podcast with George Gilder, George Gilder: The Creativity of Capitalism and the Post-Google Era.  “Few men or women in modern times have been so consistently farsighted in fathoming the future of high technology as George Gilder has been. Over a quarter-of-a-century ago, for instance, he foretold in stunningly accurate detail the characteristics of today’s smart phones. Experts back then dismissed Gilder’s prophecies as delusional fantasies. One exception: Steve Jobs. He read what Gilder wrote and took it to heart.  So what does Gilder envision now? His latest book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, has caused a considerable stir in Silicon Valley. No wonder when you proclaim the business model of a mighty colossus is fundamentally flawed! More stunning has been the book’s reception in China, where it has been a sizzling best-seller. The Middle Kingdom is determined to overtake the US in cutting edge technology and knows a sagacious seer when it sees one.”

Daniel Malloy at OZY reveals why the permanent panic in DC is way overblown.

Tariffs could wipe out tax cut gains.

3 potential outcomes for trade dispute – 2 are bad.

Brit Hume: Americans are paying for Trump’s tariffs.

Silicon Valley will get a new stock exchange.


Judy Shelton under consideration for Fed post.

Norbert Michel at says that “President Trump’s last two Federal Reserve Board nominees have officially withdrawn… but a silver lining is the renewed debate over how the government can best protect the quality of our money.”


In the Daily Signal, David Harsanyi says liberals were wrong about Trump’s tax cuts.


Bloomberg reports that Beijing is cracking down on free-market think tanks in China.

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