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Steve Forbes Argues that a Binge by the Federal Reserve is to Blame for Current Inflation

Monetary Policy

At Fox Business, Steve Forbes argues that a binge by the Federal Reserve is to blame for current inflation.

Taxes and Spending

At The Hill, Stephen Moore and Steve Forbes make the case that a flat tax would collect more revenue than 85,000 additional IRS agents.

Regulation and Policymaking

At The Joplin Globe, Stephen Moore dubs Biden OPEC and Big Oil’s “new best friend.”

At Newsmax, Moore touts America’s economic progress relative to China’s.

At the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Phil Kerpen warns that credit card rewards are in political peril.

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes skewers Biden’s plan to transition away from oil and gas.

At Fox Business, Art Laffer apprises that Biden’s policies are “preventing the American economy from a post-pandemic comeback trail.”

At Fox Business, Larry Kudlow calls the Biden-D.C. swamp the biggest obstacle to stocks and the economy.

At Forbes, James Carter uses the model of Robert Mundell to detail how to win a Nobel Prize in today’s world

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