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Steve Forbes Criticizes a Proposal that Would Require All Domestic Airline Travelers to Obtain Negative COVID-19 Tests Before Flying

Policy and Government

At Forbes (via YouTube), Steve Forbes criticizes a proposal that would require all domestic airline travelers to obtain negative COVID-19 tests before flying.

At the Cato Institute, Chris Edwards makes the case against the federal government giving more aid to states.

At National Review, John Fund reflects on the groundswell of support for recalling Gavin Newsom.

At the American Institute for Economic Research, Sandy Szwarc continues her meticulous cataloging of all the ways in which our government’s response to the pandemic has radically altered the fiscal and financial landscapes of the United States.

At Reason, Matt Welch rips the CDC’s school reopening guidance.

At the Foundation for Economic Education, Brad Polumbo explains why the PRO Act, sponsored by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, is a threat to the gig economy.

At AIER, Art Carden celebrates the legacy of Julian Simon.

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