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Steve Forbes: Immigration made us strong, and it can do so again.

320px-statue_of_liberty_frontal_2Policy and Government

At, Steve Forbes says immigration made us strong and it can do so again.

The IMF downgrades it’s forecast for U.S. economic growth this year.

From ATR, Natalie De Vincenzi writes trade supports a large share of jobs in every state.

In the WSJ, Ian Talley warns Trump’s protectionism could thwack global growth.

At, Tim Worstall says U.S. wages have been rising faster than productivity for decades.


From CNBC, Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer warns more QE may be on the way.

The NY Sun calls the Fed’s expansion of its balance sheet “reckless.”


On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says don’t shoot the messenger on our ridiculous tax code.

From ATR, Laurens ten Cate summarizes the tax policies of Governor Kaine and Governor Pence.

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