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Steve Forbes says tariffs may hurt China, but they hurt Americans too.

Policy and Government

On Fox Business, Steve Forbes says tariffs may hurt China, but they hurt Americans too.

Jon Basil Utley, publisher of The American Conservative, says that Trump’s Trade War Has Dire Consequences.

“Decisions based on false or misleading information can lead to wrong and harmful solutions. The constant harping on Chinese trade having “cost” America millions of jobs is false, especially given what we now know: that 85 percent of American job losses have resulted from technology, not trade.

“This complicated issue is detailed in a Yale University School of Management report. However, this is not the end of the story.

“Millions of simple manufacturing jobs have been replaced with service and advanced manufacturing jobs, where America still leads. In fact, American manufacturing’s major problem right now is a shortage of a million skilled workers. We need better worker re-training programs and a campaign to change attitudes towards the social standing of skilled workers in place of our current hyper-focus on college degrees”


Heritage Foundation offers to host the NY Times, FedEx tax debate.

In the Washington Times, Adam Brandon says Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax won’t unify Americans.


In The Hill, Veronique de Rugy gives us a reality check on the Warren-Sanders spending proposals.


At the Washington Post, Oysterman Tm Dean indicts the Maryland state government for fostering pollution and regulating the wrong activities, leading to a collapse of the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay and the attendant collapse of the annual oyster harvest.

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