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Steve Forbes: The U.S. should reject the newsprint tariffs.

Policy and Government

Steve Forbes: The U.S. Should Reject a Ruinous New Tax on America’s Free Press Tradition.

From Investor’s Business Daily, Paul Whitfield warns Trump’s tariffs could sink the stock market.

Daily Caller cogitates on the implications of Tim Draper’s ballot initiative to split California into three states.


At, John Tamny says the dollar cries for our attention.

On Real Clear Markets, Alex J. Pollock believes we won’t know the final lessons from QE until it’s over.


Vice President Pence addresses ‘Tax Cuts to Put America First’ event.

In The Hill, Alfredo Ortiz encourages Republicans to tout the tax cuts.

In The Hill, Raymond Keating says if you don’t see the benefits of the tax cuts, you are blind.

In the Washington Examiner, Ross Marchand says states needs to fix their tax codes.


Let Dominoes run the Pentagon too.

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