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Supply Side News: MarketWatch publishes the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s launch release; Art Laffer discusses the economic fault lines in tonight’s GOP debate; Steve Forbes says a rate hike will allow credit markets to work again; Stephen Moore dispels 5 myths about capital gains taxes.

Politics and Government

MarketWatch publishes the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s launch release. 

In The Washington Examiner, Joseph Lawler previews tonights debate; Art Laffer discusses the economic fault lines; 

John Aziz writes: the economic benefits of migration — it’s estimated that completely open borders would roughly double global GDP via more efficient matching of workers and firms

From, Simon Constable lists ten things you don’t know about Governor Perry, covers the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s recent event:

Texas Governor Rick Perry was at the Yale Club in New York City Wednesday speaking at a launch meeting of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. Also at the meeting were CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, The Heritage Foundation’s Steve Moore, and former NYC mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis.

Kudlow and Moore, along with economist Art Laffer, are founding members of the Cmte. which is meant to “end America’s growth slump and restore faith in the American Dream,” according to a written statement about the group.

The Washington Examiner covers Governor Perry’s luncheon, discusses Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s partnership with Freedomworks’ grassroots members. 

Wonkblog praises Gov. Perry for joining the Warren/Sanders camp, getting far to Hillary’s left, in attacking Wall Street.

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow evaluates Donald Trump’s supply side credentials. 

From, Ralph Benko describes Donald Trump’s ascendence as Pinot Noir. 

Monetary Policy

Steve Forbes says a rate hike will allow credit markets to work again. 

Matthew Zimburg at SeeItMarket on a brief tour of the history of gold during and after the gold standard.


From Investors Business Daily, Stephen Moore writes Reagan’s tax-cutting legacy is still valid today, 

In The Washington Times, Stephen Moore dispels 5 myths about capital gains taxes. 


In The WSJ, Stephen Moore laments the demise of the small bank. 


At Cato, Professor Hanke writes the IMF is wrong again. 

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