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Supply Side Sinema?

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #394
1) Supply Side Sinema?

Our new favorite Arizona Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema, is telling her Democrat colleagues she doesn’t support higher tax rates on personal income, businesses, or capital gains income. 

This, of course, has caused a panic on the left. “Soak the rich” isn’t just the backbone of their economic agenda, it’s their religion. For them, income redistribution is a moral rather than an economic imperative.

The leftist New York Magazine screams that “Sinema is bent on destroying Democrats’ master plan to vastly expand the social welfare state.” They even accuse her of caving into “wealthy donors and giant corporate lobbyists.”

Sinema is hard to read on taxes. She says she wants higher taxes on foreign profits of US companies and that she could go for a tax on the wealth buildup from unrealized capital gains. She says she might support a tax hike on the “super wealthy.” 

But it’s refreshing that at least there is one Democrat in Congress who sees the negative consequences for the American economy of raising U.S. tax rates in a globally competitive world.  It’s also depressing that she is for now the ONLY pro-growth Democrat left and that her party views her as an infidel. 

As punishment, the left is now recruiting progressive Rep. Ruben Gallego to run against Sinema in the Democratic primary.
2) Biden Should Mandate Vaccine For Welfare Recipients, Not Those Who Want To Work

Great idea From CTUP senior fellow Casey Mulligan:

Instead of mandating working taxpayers with the vaccine, the President should mandate people who participate in public programs. Eligibility for these benefits currently does not require getting the COVID vaccine, this despite the fact that many people who receive assistance from the government reside in crowded quarters with larger families—exactly the kinds of environments that are not good at controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Great point. Why is it that virtually every policy that Biden endorses discourages work and rewards welfare?

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