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At, Ralph Benko reviews ‘Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger And Mourning On The American Right’.

In the WSJ, James Mackintosh covers the uncertainty at Deutsche Bank.


In The Pulse, George Gilder says this is the real culprit behind income inequality.

At US News, Andrew Soergel reports the Fed is under fire for ties to Democrats.

From, Nathan Lewis says gold is money because it is plentiful, not scarce.


At Time, Larry Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic write Kennedy and Reagan proved tax cuts work.

Dan Mitchell explains why higher taxes aren’t a recipe for economic growth.

In The Daily Signal, Congressman Davidson writes Obama’s death tax hike threatens family farms and businesses.


Stephen MacLean says it’s time to let the states roar.


The NY Post says the battle over Airbnb is a fight for the future of our economy.

The Mercatus Center attacks Trump advisor Peter Navarro’s trade opposition.