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16165619661_26f0a28bd3_qPolicy and Government

At, Tim Worstall writes Trump’s plan looks much, much better under a dynamic one just as Hillary’s looks better under a static one.


The Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged, and dials back its expectations for 2016 economic growth.

From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says the economy is faltering due to the Fed’s QE mess.

At The Pulse, Ralph Benko praises Larry Kudlow for giving Trump some great economic policy advice and criticizes left-leaning commentators for unfairly scalding Trump over his claims that the Fed is politicized.

In the FT, David Marsh and Ben Robinson discuss “The Seven Ages of Gold,” each about 30 years, and discuss the impact of the emerging markets and their ongoing accumulation of gold.


In the NY Post, Betsy McCaughey says Donald Trump’s tax plan will lead to a booming economy.


In the Daily Signal, Mollie McNeill writes taxpayers don’t realize they are shelling out billions to service the national debt.


In the WSJ, Robert Barro says government policies are the reason for our non-recovery.

Photo Credit: Day Donaldson