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The Fed sees rising risk to the U.S. economy.

Secretary_Lew_and_Federal_Reserve_Chair_Janet_Yellen,_5_February_2014Politics and Government

At CNBC, Alex Rosenberg shows how America’s earnings recession has deepened.

From Business Insider, JP Morgan economists warn the recession risk is growing.

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says if you want comedy, talk about money with economists.

On, Ralph Benko believes Sanders + Trump = Third Party Presidential Candidate Bloomberg.


In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath reports the Fed sees rising risk to the U.S. economy.

At Bloomberg, Bank of America shows how deteriorating liquidity is at the heart of the market selloff.

At Nathan Lewis presents Prof. Giulio Gallarotti’s roundup of distinguished economists praise for the gold standard.

From Bloomberg, Matthew Boesler reports the Fed isn’t sure it can legally lower interest rates into negative territory.

At the UK Telegraph, Liam Halligan reports on how bad world monetary policy is a major contributor to the “‘jarring January’. Since the start of the year, over £4 trillion has been wiped off the value of global equities – that’s four, followed by 12 zeroes.”

On CNBC, Michael Hanson believes the market may need to rethink the Fed’s forward guidance.

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