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1024px-hartford_connecticut_skylinePolicy and Government

From Townhall, Larry Kudlow debunks the claim that the Bush tax cuts caused the ’08 financial crisis.

At, Tim Worstall believes Robert Reich is right on universal income, but for the wrong reasons.


The NY Sun praises Daria Novak as a Prosperity Heroine for her support for the gold standard and cutting marginal tax rates.


Chris Christie signs a MASSIVE gas tax increase into law.

CBS New York warns Christie’s tax increase will have a ripple effect on consumers.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore contrasts the Clinton, Trump tax plans.


In the Washington Examiner, Pete Kasperowicz reports the national debt rose by over $1.4 TRILLION in 2016.

At, John Tamny says if Gary Johnson was a real libertarian, he would reject a balanced budget amendment.


From, Norbert Michel believes the politics of finance are on full display due to Wells Fargo.


At Alt-M, Kevin Dowd discusses the regulatory hurdles in the British banking system.