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The Six Worst Ballot Initiatives to Keep an Eye On

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #152
2) The Six Worst Ballot Initiatives to Keep an Eye On
We’ve written over the last few weeks about some very dangerous ballot initiatives, and here are the one’s we hate the most:
Illinois “Fair Tax” – Raises the top income tax rate from 4.9 to 8%  (Will the Last Resident Left in Illinois Please Turn Out the Lights?)
California Affirmative Action – Brings back racial preferences (Legalizes discrimination!)
Arizona Tax Increase to Fund Education – Raises the highest income tax rate 75% from 4.5% to 8%
Colorado National Popular Vote Initiative – Would override the Electoral College and Colorado’s votes would go to the candidate who wins the most votes nationally.
Florida $15 an hour minimum wage
California – Overturn the famous 1978 Proposition 13 Cap on Property Taxes – Commercial property tax cap would be repealed. (Can you think of a dumber time to raise taxes on office buildings?)

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