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Policy and Government

The Washington Times endorses the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s economic rebound plan.

At, Steve Forbes gives his policy prescription for the coronavirus. More on Fox News.

Director Kudlow discusses the economy on Face the Nation.

The Atlantic‘s Peter Nicholas on This is How Donald Trump Will Be Remembered: “Another ex-counselor was similarly blunt.  ‘We are in a recession right now,’ Stephen Moore, a former Trump campaign adviser whom the president had (controversially) considered for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, told me. ‘The economy is at a complete standstill right now.’”

On Fox News, Director Kudlow says a recovery is possible by this summer.


New York Times observes that “Republicans are out-Democrating the Democrats on the coronavirus stimulus.”  The president softens support for a payroll tax cut.

Washington Post: Big Government is back.

At Reason, Amity Shlaes dismantles the ‘Not So Great’ Society.