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Thursday items: Hanke on slow money supply growth; Kudlow on the IEA; Calhoun on needed reforms.

From RCM, Cato’s Steve Hanke suggests slower money supply growth will leave the economy in a slump.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow likens the IEA oil release to QE3.

At RCM, Joseph Calhoun advocates broad government and economic reform, starting with a stable dollar.

On The Kudlow Report, John Harwood reports on the GOP walkout of budget talks:

At Forbes, Bill Flax notes the monetary roots of the present malaise.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko features an 1841 article that notes the role of money in market errors.

At Forbes, Jerry Bowyer argues Robert Mundell’s attempt to save Europe has failed.

The NYT notes the Fed’s failure to repair the economy.

At COAL, Paul Krugman says Keynesian economics has come through the recent crisis “with flying colors.”

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