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Thursday items: Reynolds on Romney’s tax return; Malpass on Ron Paul; Newt on Reagan.

From IBD, Alan Reynolds explains Mitt Romney’s tax return.

In The WSJ, David Malpass argues the Fed should listen to Ron Paul’s criticism.

The WSJ responds to President Obama’s Buffett Rule would raise the capital gains tax to 1978 level.

On The Kudlow Report, Newt Gingrich defends his support for President Reagan:

In The WSJ, Henry Nau explains the middle class shrank from 1980-2007 because more people became wealthy.

From Bloomberg, Evan Schnidman and Daniel Nadler note the economy’s positive reaction in recent years to a weaker dollar.

In The WSJ, Daniel Yergin suggests the new Thatcher bio-pic misses the pro-growth turnaround she led.

At Fiscal Times, Bruce Bartlett says the flat tax will never fly.

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