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Thursday round up: NRO on Romney’s minimim wage proposal; Rove on Gingrich’s southern strategy; Prasad on yuan convertibility.

NRO’s editors critique Mitt Romney’s support for minimum wage increases.

The WSJ analyzes Rick Santorum’s surge and Romney’s policy vulnerability.

At NRO, Thomas Sowell notes continued conservative opposition to Romney.

In The WSJ, Karl Rove argues Newt Gingrich’s southern strategy is insufficient.

On The WSJ, Larry Sabato discusses Romney’s problems with the right, and general election prospects:

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill highlights wasteful alternative energy spending.

On Forbes, Cato’s James Dorn advocates a sound money policy rather than stimulus.

In The WSJ, Eswar Prasad suggests yuan convertibility is key to its future.

From Bloomberg, Amity Shlaes rebuts Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl ad.

On The Kudlow Report, a panel discusses the CPAC conference:

At Killer Frogs, Kyle Clifton highlights a Jude Wanniski memo to US Rep. Ron Paul (TX).

From Human Events, House Speaker John Boehner (OH) outlines his growth agenda, including energy exploration, roads and bridges projects, no earmarks, and reduced federal mandates.

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