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Thursday round up: Reynolds on the President’s jobs and tax plan; Woodhill on the dollar; the dollar has been against the euro.

In The WSJ, Alan Reynolds eviscerates the President’s jobs and tax plan.

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill notes the benefits of a sound and stronger dollar.

Also in Forbes, Steve Forbes advocates a TARP-style program to recapitalize European banks.

The dollar has been rising against the euro:

ABC News reports US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) defending some class warfare and denying Fed Chairman Bernanke is guilty of treason.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell critiques Fed policy.

On CNBC, Mark Koba explains the Laffer Curve.

From the archive, Yes Minister satirizes monetarism:


Also from the archives, Jude Wanniski explains the Laffer Curve in The Public Interest.

From Slate, David Weigel denies inflation and suggests Republicans are out of line for critiquing the Fed (h/t: Free Banking).

On his blog, Mish Shedlock derides inflation hawks.

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