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Thursday round up: Tarapore, Forbes and Kudlow on gold; Ferrara on the dollar’s role in the mortgage crisis; Malpass on the IMF.

From The Hindu Business Line, S.S. Tarapore suggests the world is moving back to gold as money.

At Forbes, Steve Forbes advises the GOP presidential candidates to highlight the need to relink the dollar to gold.

From NRO, Larry Kudlow suggests the IMF focus on increasing world growth, including gold-backed money.

On The Kudlow Report, David Malpass discusses the IMF:

At Forbes, Louis Woodhill argues Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is flawed and that a new plan for fast growth should be adopted instead.

On Forbes, Peter Ferrara notes the weak dollar’s role in the subprime and financial crises.

The AEI Political Report highlights negative poll numbers on the economy.

In The Washington Post, Ezra Klein suggests higher taxes wouldn’t retard economic growth.

At The Orlando Advocate Online, Paul Evans argues supply-side economics has been discredited.

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