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Thursday round up: Woodhill on tax increases; Mundell calls for China tax cuts; Luskin on trickle down economics.

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill explains why tax increases are destructive to GDP, the private sector, and government revenues.

On China Daily, Robert Mundell advocates tax cuts in China.

At Parcbench, Ralph Benko urges the GOP to have fun as the party of getting rich.

From TGSN, Kelly Hanlon reports from the recent Atlas Foundation conference on sound money.

On The Kudlow Report, US Rep. Ron Paul (TX) discusses his attack on Newt Gingrich:


From Cato, Kevin Dowd advocates a path back to a gold-linked dollar.

At The NY Sun, Seth Lipsky gives a favorable review to the new Thatcher movie.

TGSN reprints a NYT editorial from 1896 on the gold standard.

The WSJ suggests easier dollar borrowing for Europe won’t improve the situation much.

On Kudlow, Don Luskin discusses the stocks market:


On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell defends “trickle down” economics.

In The WSJ, Michael Auslin argues Japan is strong fundamentally but needs reform.

All this suggests that Japan needs more structural reform, particularly in three areas: reducing regulation, opening up to foreign direct investment, and expanding free-trade networks. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s recent decision to join negotiations over the free-trade Trans-Pacific Partnership is a good start, but he needs to overcome opposition in his own party to assure full participation.

In The WSJ, former SEIU president Andy Stern argues the US should imitate China’s centrally planned economy.

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