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Thursday summary: Blom and The NY Sun applaud Newt’s gold commission; Mitchell, IBD and Woodhill on Romney; Moore on Paul.

In The NY Sun, Andresen Blom suggests Newt Gingrich has a crucial wedge issue in his gold commission.

Also in The NY Sun applauds Gingrich’s gold commission idea but recommends moving beyond the commission to outright advocacy.

The WSJ validates Gingrich’s food stamp critique of President Obama.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow wonders whether Gingrich can highlight growth ideas over his personal issues.

On The Kudlow Report, Steve Forbes discusses Gingrich’s candidacy:

IBD defends the tax rate Mitt Romney pays.

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell rebuts criticism of Romney’s tax payments.

In Forbes, Louis Woodhill argues companies like Romney’s Bain Capital are the alternative to bankruptcies and bailouts.

On Fox Business News, Stephen Moore discusses Ron Paul’s call to eliminate the income tax:

The Economist suggests the US/China trade deficit won’t be improved by appreciating the yuan.

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