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Thursday Update: Brian Domitrovic warns the GOP could “reform” its way to Keynesianism; Ralph Benko profiles Senator Rand Paul.

Politics and Government

At, Brian Domitrovic warnsthe GOP could “reform” its way to Keynesianism.

At, Ralph Benko profilesSenator Rand Paul.

John Tamny, of, offersa brilliant defense of “asymmetrical information” (aka insider trading)

Monetary Reform

From the Menger Center, Paul-Martin Foss writesthe St. Louis Fed goes to bat against the gold standard, strikes out.

Hussman Funds details the growing gap between Wall Street and Main Street as a result of the Federal Reserve’s policies.

At The Weekly Standard, Michael Warren coversthe recent Rasmussen Poll showing American’s are worried about inflation, don’t trust the Fed to fix it.

In TGSN, Ralph Benko presents his interview with Jerry Bowyer, Part 1

In The WSJ, George Mellon reportson how the Fed may raise rates.

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