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Thursday update: Domitrovic on Reagan’s unfinished business; Ron Paul says the Fed caused the financial crisis; Forbes, Pethokoukis on Perry’s flat tax.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic explains that monetary reform is President Reagan’s crucial unfinished business.

In The WSJ, US Rep Ron Paul (TX) blames the Federal Reserve for the financial crisis.

The WSJ reports Rick Perry’s flat tax garners support from Steve Forbes.

The Washington Post forecasts the coming tax battle between Perry and Romney.

On The Kudlow Report, Jimmy P debates Perry’s flat tax proposal:


From NRO, Larry Kudlow notes somewhat improved economic data from last month.

At Forbes, Jerry Bowyer critiques Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan.

Dick Morris supports the 9-9-9 plan.

IBD rebuts Paul Krugman and Jared Bernstein’s Keynesian advocacy.

On NRO, Michael Barone suggests bipartisan support to allow more visas for a high-skilled immigrants.

At International Liberty, Dan Mitchell notes a recent video likening President Obama to President Carter:


The liberal Think Progress proves that there’s no point in trying to appease tax hikers with targeted middle class tax cuts. disputes the President’s jobs numbers (h/t: Speaker Boehner’s office).

Future of Capitalism notes a new book that praises Michael Milken.

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