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Thursday Update: In The WSJ, Spencer Jakab writes producer prices increased at their highest speed since March 2012.

Politics and Government

On CNN, economist Robert Shiller saysstocks are expensive by any historic measure.
Monetary Reform

In MarketWatch, Wallace Witkowski believesthe Feds easy money has caused the death of volatility in the stock market.
From TGSN, Raph Benko explainsthe significance of the owl on the dollar.
The Middle Class Squeeze

In The WSJ, Spencer Jakab writesproducer prices increased at their highest speed since March 2012.

On Bloomberg TV, Stephen Moore makesthe case for state income tax cuts.
In The Washington Examiner, Susan Ferrechio writeswith the energy efficiency bill doomed to fail, the Senate will pivot to tax cuts.

At National Review, Stephen Moore saysyou can thank the sequester for the falling budget deficit.
Regulatory Reform

From International Liberty, Dan Mitchell detailsthe economics of creative destruction.

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