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Thursday update: Lehrman on the gold standard; Goldman says don’t panic; Jacoby on immigration.

In The American Spectator, Lew Lehrman suggests the choice of monetary policy is between Robert Mundell’s idea for an exchange rate peg between the dollar and euro versus the gold standard.

From Asia Times, David Goldman predicts slow growth but sees no reason to panic.

At The American Spectator, Peter Ferrara sees the US falling into depression if the Bush tax rates lapse after 2012.

On The Kudlow Report, Tamar Jacoby debates the economics of immigration:

In The WSJ, Dan Henninger notes the President’s political weakness on the economy and the strength of Tim Pawlenty’s pro-growth message.

At The NYT, Matt Bai suggests the President’s reelection message, don’t change horses in midstream, is a loser.

On Future of Capitalism, Ira Stoll reports McCain economist Doug Holtz-Eakin saying 5% annual growth rates are impossible.

On Kudlow, guests discuss possible deflationary pressures in China:

At the liberal Mother Jones, Kevin Drum suggests the Left could like supply-side economics if it raised revenues as fast as advertised.

On Think Progress, Matt Yglesias takes up Drum’s point but argues the Left won’t support tax cuts due to inequality concerns.

In The NYT, Jackie Calmes reports the flagging economy is leading Democrats to push for additional spending stimulus despite high deficits.

At TNR, Jonathan Chait notes the President’s consideration of a payroll tax cut.

IBD argues Keynesian spending is ineffective.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko notes Daniel Webster’s support for gold and silver as money.

The Des Moines Register reports Herman Cain having second thoughts on the gold standard. (Hat tip: Ralph Benko).

From Project Syndicate, Raghuram Rajan argues loose money is bad for the economy.

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