Tim Worstall: Free-Market Neoliberalism gave us the greatest reduction in poverty in world history.

Policy and Government

At Forbes.com, Tim Worstall gives three cheers to free market neoliberalism (of which Hayek is the founder) for making the poor rich and bringing about the greatest reduction in human poverty in world history.

The Larry O’ Connor Show interviews Larry Kudlow on the Trump administration.

Investor’s Business Daily warns more Obamacare rate hikes are coming.

In the Washington Post, Jenna Gallegos says science has addressed the ultimate supply-side question: where does Point E on the Laffer Curve reside when it comes to adding water to whiskey?


The NY Sun says it’s time for Trump to mend the Fed.

Judy Shelton gives her thoughts on ‘missing’ inflation.

Venezuela’s hyperinflation accelerates.

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