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Tim Worstall: The New York Times does not understand economics.

Policy and Government

From, Tim Worstall says sadly, the New York Times does not understand economics.

At Real Clear Markets, John Tamny believes the New York Times naively channeled Donald Trump in its description of income inequality.

Newsmax reports Steve Mnuchin is pushing Trump’s economic agenda forward.

At FT, Shawn Donnan reports capital flows have declined since the ’08 crisis.


From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says lower inflation means higher economic growth.

The Washington Post reports, to almost nobody’s surprise, that there is gold in Fort Knox as seen by Mitch McConnell and a visiting civilian delegation.

The WSJ reports Mario Draghi could lay out an end to Europe’s QE at Jackson Hole.


At, Sally Pipes reveals the false promise of ‘Medicaid for all.’


From, Tim Worstall explains why robots love higher minimum wages.

From, Steve Hanke reveals how bank regulators have hindered the U.S. recovery.


From Bloomberg, Daniel Moss reports Japan’s economy needs immigrants.

In the WSJ, Nathaniel Taplin believes China’s growth slowdown has arrived.

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