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Policy and Government

The Washington Post reports on President Trump’s remarks that the trade war could lead to a recession.

Zachary Basu of Axios reports that Peter Navarro, speaking on CNN, claimed that Chinese tariffs are not hurting US consumers.

Dan Mitchell reveals the grim consequences of “Democratic” socialism.

Dan Mitchell reports on how (Yikes!) the Trump administration is toying with trying Keynesianism.  

Bloomberg reports Under Armour, and FedEx set up shop in Baltimore.

Washington Post reports Maine faces elder boom, worker shortage in preview of nation’s future.


In the WSJ, James Freeman says Trump can make U.S. assets more valuable by indexing capital gains for inflation.

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore lists the 4 states of the high tax apocalypse.


Richard Rahn at the Washington Times says there aren’t nearly enough rich people to pay for the Progressive agenda.