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Trump Win Sets Off Paul Krugman Panic!

5440390625_feab8a9520_qPolicy and Government

Dow closes near-record high in first day of post-election trading.

Paul Krugman today: Economy is in a “fundamentally fragile state”, and we are heading toward “a global recession with no end in sight”.

Paul Krugman 2 months ago: “the good news is real” on our recovery, “last year the economy partied like it was 1999”.

At CNBC, Jeff Cox says Donald Trump’s fiscal policies stimulate growth.

Carl Icahn says Donald Trump will be good for the economy.


At Business Insider, Bob Bryan says Donald Trump’s win could mean a major shakeup at the Fed.

At, Nathan Lewis settles the fixed v. floating exchange rate debate.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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