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Trump’s Golden Opportunity

nnc-us-1849-g1-liberty_head_ty1Excerpt from Michael Kendall:

The Trump presidency arrives at a time coincident with a unique monetary opportunity.  The dollar price of gold (POG) at $1200 is at or near the equilibrium point where creditors and debtors are in balance.  What this means is that the Trump presidency has the opportunity to return the dollar link to gold that Nixon ended in 1971, with minimum disruption. 

Alexander Hamilton, who would have a greater affinity with Mike Pence and his understanding of stable money than the acclaimed Broadway stars who rehabilitated his name in rap, established the fledgling U.S. on a gold standard in 1792 by linking the dollar to gold at the fixed weight price of $19.39/oz.  (The dollar was re-pegged at $20.67/oz in 1834 and $35.00/oz in 1934.)  Hamilton would understand that his act that established the stable monetary foundation for America’s rise to the top of the global economic pyramid is ripe for renewal after 45 years of currency chaos fluctuation.  How and why is this possible?

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