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Tuesday Highlights: Brian Domitrovic discusses the ’08 contraction; Gillian Tett asks if the dollar as good as gold; Amity Shlaes new book “Coolidge”

Politics and Government

On Forbes, Ralph Benko reviews Amity Shlaes new book “Coolidge”. 
Monetary Reform
From Forbes, Brain Domitrovic discusses the secret culprit of the great ’08 contraction: the dollar’s flexibility upward
On Financial Times, Gillian Tett asks is the dollar is as good as gold?
Keith Weiner intelligently critiques Nathan Lewis’s “goldless standard.”
At Forbes, John Tamny debunks the ongoing, hideous lie about victimized mortgage holders. 
On National Review, Larry Kudlow accuses President Obama of backing away from his doomsday sequestration prediction. 
At Seattle Weekly, Nina Shapiro says if you think state employees get too much in Washington, look at Oregon. 
On The ABQ Journal, Dan Boyd reports a New Mexico Senate panel has approved a move to shore up the state pension fund. 

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