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Tuesday Highlights: ***Special Platinum Edition- The Platinum Coin Strikes Back!***

***The Platinum Coin Strikes Back!***

From The LA Times, Michael Hiltzik believes President Obama’s best option on the debt limit is to ignore it, mint the coin.

On Huffington Post, Sanjay Sanghoee says the trillion dollar coin is not a crazy idea after all.

In Time Magazine, Christopher Matthews proposes the platinum coin as one of three Not-Crazy ways out of the debt crisis.

At Bloomberg, Matt Levine supports variation on the platinum coin- premium bonds.

Politics and Government

At, Ralph Benko praises Boehner and McConnell for delivering huge spending cuts.

National Review details President Obama’s vindictive shutdown theater.

In The Economic Collapse Blog, Michael Snyder lists 36 facts which prove that almost every government function is still running.

From Town Hall, Dan Mitchell attacks the make-believe debt limit hysteria.

Monetary Reform

On Fox News, Art Laffer breaks down the economic effect of the debt ceiling, calls for sound money.

The WSJ reports negotiations inside the Fed produced muddled signals to markets.

In TGSN, Ralph Benko discusses Tom Paine’s dissertation on paper money.

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