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Tuesday items: Kadlec on Romney’s monetary vulnerability; Benko and Blom on gold and the GOP; Ferrra on stable money.

From Forbes, Charles Kadlec argues Mitt Romney’s China currency position is his Achilles Heel.

In Roll Call, Ralph Benko and Andresen Blom argue support for the gold standard will move votes in the GOP primary.

At Forbes, Peter Ferrara pens a terrific defense of a sound and stable dollar.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry discusses Newt Gingrich with a New Hampshire Union-Leader editor:

At The American, James Pethokoukis cites this blog in his analysis of the future of supply-side economics (thanks James).

In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn suggests federal policy has pushed initial public offerings out of America.

From last week, Larry Kudlow covers Art Laffer’s endorsement of Gingrich.

At First Trust, Brian Wesbury sees more good than bad in the 2012 economy.

In The WSJ, Andy Kessler notes the rise of mass market luxury goods.

From last week on Kudlow, Steve Forbes and James Pethokoukis discuss the GOP tax plans:

In Forbes, Nathan Lewis imagines a healthier financial system.

From The Tribune (PK), Zain Raza analyzes the negative impact moving from the gold standard to the dollar standard on Pakistan (h/t: TGSN).

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