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Tuesday News: Money, Markets, and Misperceptions says Matt Yglesias should spend more time learning economics and less writing about gold; Steve Horowitz rebuts Yglesias; Vivek Dehejia details illusions bred by a reserve currency

Politics and Government

At National Review, Stephen Moore says the radical greens are moving us toward a future without electricity.

From National Review, Larry Kudlow writes our sluggish economy has weakened us abroad.

In the WSJ, Paul Vigna showsthat the economy is still lumbering.

Monetary Reform

Money, Markets, and Misperceptions: Matt Yglesias Should Spend More Time Learning Economics and Less Writing About Gold

From Free Banking, Steve Horowitz rebuts Matthew Yglesias article on the gold standard.

At LiveMint, Vivek Dehejia details the illusions bred by a reserve currency.

From, Ralph Benko says Pulitzer’s advice applies to Krugman: “Put it before them…above all, accurately.”

The Middle Class Squeeze

Due to the rise in cost of ingredients, Hershey is stating that there will be an 8% price increase by the end of the summer.
Reuters reports inflation rises on high energy prices.

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