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Tuesday round up: Mundell opposes ECB’s rate hike; Forbes critiques Merkel’s policies; Kadlec counsels monetary reform as debt reform.

Bloomberg reports Robert Mundell opposes the ECB’s interest rate hike.

From Forbes, Steve Forbes critiques German Chancellor Merkel’s handling of the European debt crisis and counsels linking the euro to gold.

Also at Forbes, Charles Kadlec advises Speaker Boehner that without monetary reform it will be impossible to get the budget under control.

On The Kudlow Report, Gov. Mitt Romney (MA) talks about growth and jobs but is unimpressive on the dollar, rejects a flat tax, advocates a floating yuan, and emphasizes raising consumer spending:

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic corrects Jonathan Chait’s repeated claim that George H.W. Bush called supply-side economics voodoo.

In The NYT, Speaker Boehner warns the President not to try to raise taxes.

At The WSJ, James Taranto notes the flaw in trying to balance the budget by taxing the rich.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow sees market turbulence ahead as the debt ceiling is debated.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell reports the IRS is enforcing foreign tax law:

In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn critiques the IRS code.

On Forbes, Ralph Benko suggests George Soros should focus on bottom up monetary reform.

From Alhambra Investments, Joe Calhoun foresees economic difficulty when QE2 ends.

In The WSJ, Charles Wolf Jr. takes an interesting look at economic, military and population statistics.

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