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Tuesday summary: Domitrovic counters Romer; Lehrman and Cannon on the loss of Kemp’s district; Halper on rising pro-growth sentiment.

From Forbes, Brian Domitrovic challenges Christina Romer’s claim that floating currencies represent free markets.

In The Washington Times, Lew Lehrman and Frank Cannon suggest the loss of Jack Kemp’s NY congressional district shows Republicans should refocus on jobs and prosperity.

At The Weekly Standard, Daniel Halper reports rising pro-growth emphasis among conservatives.

On Fox News, Steve Forbes advocates deep spending cuts to government:

On The Fiscal Times, Louis Peck explains that federal regulations cost business $1.75 trillion per year.

At NRO, Robert Costa profiles U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (OH) and his jobs agenda.

On Fox Business, John Stossel mediates a budget debate between conservative think tanks Heritage Foundation and AEI:

On Market Watch, Paul B. Farrell argues Reaganomics caused recent economic bubbles and is therefore discredited.

At The NYT, reformed supply sider Bruce Bartlett opposes Republican arguments on taxes.

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