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Tuesday Update: Bill Kristol says conservatives should be inspired by Jeff Bell’s Senate challenge of Booker; in The NYT, Michael Powell writes Booker’s words don’t tell the real story; in Ralph Benko says Obama’s signature achievement is peace, not Obamacare.

Politics and Government

In The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol saysconservatives should be inspired by Jeff Bell’s Senate challenge of Cory Booker. 

In The NY Times, Michael Powell writesBooker’s words don’t tell the real story. 

From, Ralph Benko discusseshow Hagel’s proposed defense budget seals Obama’s true signature achievement, which is not Obamacare but putting America back onto a peacetime footing. 

On Town Hall, Mark Skousen statesFrench President Hollande has endorsed Say’s law. 

Monetary Reform

On National Review, Larry Kudlow explainswhy bitcoin is not real money.

From Bloomberg, Rich Miller reportsRepublicans opposed to Yellen are in search of a monetary rule.

On TGSN, Ralph Benko channelsthe Akan culture’s concern for equality and justice as a central focus in returning to the gold standard.


At Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore writesGOP tax reform would boost jobs and revenue.

From TribLive, Professor Paul Kengor believesPresident Obama should study the history of Reaganomics.

Regulatory Reform

In the Jacksonville Business Journal, Kent Hoover detailsthe ALERRT Act, which was just passed by the House of Representatives., giving businesses more say over regulation.

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