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Turn Your Thermostat Down This Winter

Unleash Prosperity Hotline
Issue #409
1) Turn Your Thermostat Down This Winter

A St. Louis HOTLINE reader sent us this warning notice from his electric utility, Spire, on the damage done if the radicals in the Biden administration (yes, we know that is a redundancy) shutdown a Midwestern Natural gas pipeline. We reprint the document below.
Nearly 650,000 Missourians may lose power this winter if the natural gas supply is cut off. Expect “supply disruptions” Spire warns. The utility also warns of price rises of 25% for power. Homeowners are warned to bundle up because they may be required to turn their thermostats down in the cold winter nights. (Is Jimmy Carter going to soon appear in his cardigan sweater?).
A local official says that this seems like an “orchestrated campaign” to cut energy use in Midwestern states to save the planet.  
Now do you believe us when we say these green people in the Biden admin have a screw loose?

2) Wheels Coming Off Biden’s $3.5 Trillion Build Back Broker Spending Spending Bill

The lousy inflation report this week is slowing down the Biden Govzilla bill. West Virginia’s Joe Manchin says we may have to wait until next year:

Manchin rightly connects the dots between inflation and the multi-trillion dollar spending bills coming out of Congress:

These inflation comments remind us of one of Manchin’s absolute must-have conditions since July – last week the Fed announced a gradual end to quantitative easing. But we’ll believe it when we see it. 

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