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Venezuela to embrace The Oil Standard?

Policy and Government
President Trump’s America First Vindication Tour
Larry Kudlow: President Trump is proving the economic naysayers wrong!

Larry Kudlow: Americans will suffer enormously if we pull out of NAFTA.
Larry Kudlow: The stock market rally is partially a ‘Bannon is Gone’ rally.
Larry Kudlow: Bannon’s policies were economic nonsense.
Steve Forbes discusses the stock market boom in Trump’s first year.
From, John Tamny says Amazon’s next HQ may be hiding in plain sight.
Jamie Dimon believes his own economists were wrong in their 4% growth projection.
At, Ralph Benko makes the case for more immigration.
Allan Golombek: Dave Chappelle understands China better than politicians.
States respond to tax overhaul.
At FEE, Fred Lucas says the new tax cuts are fighting for 15.
In Townhall, Stephen Moore writes the Trump tax cuts are working.
Deroy Murdock celebrates life under the GOP tax cuts.
At, John Tamny makes the case for reviving SALT.
Venezuela to embrace The Oil Standard?
Mnuchin Treasury is tested by China’s bond policy signals.
At CATO, Larry White explains the differences (and similarities) between Bitcoin and the gold standard.
Ralph Benko: Gold is stardust.
At, Norbert Michel writes the Senate is closer to financial reform.
On Real Clear Markets, Beau Brunson writes the CFPB hurts those it is supposed to protect.

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