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VIDEO: Supply-side champion Stephen Moore takes on New York Times economist Paul Krugman!

UntitledPolicy and Government

Round 2: Stephen Moore takes on Paul Krugman!

On CNBC, David Malpass says too many Americans are getting left out of this “economic recovery.”

At, Tim Worstall writes Peter Navarro, Donald Trump’s economic advisor, is entirely wrong on trade.


The NY Sun hopes Donald Trump’s economic policy speech addresses the Federal Reserve.

Scott Summer says the Fed is caught in a vice.


Steve Forbes says Hillary Clinton’s proposed tax increases would be “a disaster” for the economy.

From Townhall, Larry Kudlow says tax cuts will lead to more economic growth, as it did for JFK and Reagan.

At Bloomberg, Andrew Mayeda discusses Donald Trump’s tax plan, the biggest tax cuts since Reagan.


At, The Apothecary analyzes Obamacare’s role in the weakest recovery since 1949.


In Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore writes Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both delusional on infrastructure spending.

Dan Mitchell attacks the paid leave scam for bureaucrats.

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