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Visual Capitalist reveals how forests are growing in many developed countries.

Policy and Government

Visual Capitalist reveals the human impact on the world’s forests; forests are growing in many developed countries.

From Bloomberg, Michael Schuman believes Trump has painted Xi into a corner.

Jared Bernstein and Rep. Ro Khanna in the Washington Post quibble with Larry Kudlow’s declaration that the economy is “crushing it,” stipulating that corporate profits and equity markets truly are crushing it but that real hourly pay for most workers remains flat.

Atlanta Fed predicts Q3 GDP growth will soar at 4.6%.


Hu Mcculloch, at Cato’s Alt-M, on World War I, Gold, and the Great Depression concluding that “indeed the Depression was monetary in origin, but that the ultimate blame lies not with U.S. domestic monetary and financial policy during the 1920s and 30s. Rather, the massive deflation was an inevitable consequence of Europe’s departure from the gold standard during World War I —  and its bungled and abrupt attempt to return to gold in the late 1920s.”


On Fox News, Linda McMahon says the tax cuts have spurred historic small business optimism.


From, John Tamny slams arbitrary capital buffers.

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