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WATCH: Steve Forbes Q&A on jobs and the economy.

9268178022_b71961d8e2_qPolicy and Government

On CSPAN, Steve Forbes does a Q&A on jobs and the economy.

At Townhall, Larry Kudlow warns a business recession is looming.

At CNS News, Susan Jones reports a record 94 million Americans are not in the labor force.


At, Ralph Benko commemorates the anniversary of Keynes’ birthday, and the day FDR took us off the gold standard, by discussing gold’s revived support.

From, John Tamny writes the Fed will end itself with its strangulation of banks.


The Tax Foundation explains how the capital gains tax affects entrepreneurial activity.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore explains how Big Green will destroy 10 million jobs.

In the WSJ, Marie-Josee Kravis warns regulations are smothering small businesses and killing jobs.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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