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Wednesday Highlights: George Gilder discusses Bain, Romney; John Tamny on the era that gave us the gold commission; Rich Danker writes on four myths about the gold standard

Politics and Government
In The American Spectator, George Gilder writes on ‘Bain, Romney, and Me’. 
Monetary Reform
At CNBC, Rich Danker debunks 4 major myths about the gold standard. 
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny writes on the era that gave us the gold commission. 
In Forbes, Ralph Benko states why Jude Wanniski’s Gold Polaris is important to ending “The Little Dark Age” referencing Wanniski’s impact on young Paul Ryan. 
At Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen weighs in on recent criticism of the gold standard. 
From TGSN, Ralph Benko disputes Dr. Gary North’s claim that the GOP Platform’s call for a “Gold Commission 2” is meaningless.
From Forbes, Louis Woodhill questions Paul Krugman’s support of a weak dollar. 
Fox News reports that the U.S. debt has hit $16 trillion

On Crooked Timber, Corey Robin contends Democrats have been using austerity politics. 
At E Financial News, Mark Cobley reports on how pension debt has been climbing the political agenda. 
In The Fiscal Times, Josh Boak says the GOP is not acting alone when it comes to reigning in pension costs. 

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