Wednesday items: Brooks and The WSJ on tax expenditures; Ferrara on jobs; Goldman on the market rally.

In The NY Times, David Brooks urges Republicans to accept elimination of tax expenditures in exchange for spending cuts.

The WSJ argues Republicans should accept elimination of tax expenditures only if they are tied to tax rate reductions.

At Asia Times, David Goldman continues to see deflationary forces at work in the economy.

On The Kudlow Report, Peter Ferrara debates the jobless recovery:

On Alhambra Investments, Joe Calhoun downplays the market rally.

From First Trust, Brian Wesbury sees economic progress coming.

On Kudlow, David Goldman discusses the economy’s health in light of the market upswing:

IBD analyzes the cost of jobs created by recent years’ stimulus.

At his blog, Stanford’s John Taylor rebuts the claim that larger spending stimulus would have led to better results.

On Salon, Andrew Leonard makes the surprising argument that the current era proves supply-side economics doesn’t work.

TGSN features an amusing William Safire story about Nixon closing the gold window.

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