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Wednesday News: Prosperity Caucus to meet today; Rich Danker writes The Fed is not helping the little guy; Ralph Benko discusses Adam Smith’s writings on fractional reserve banking

Wednesday January 16th: The Prosperity Caucus and the Center for Financial Stability will be meeting at 6:00 PM today, at The Heritage Foundation- 214 Massachusetts Ave N.E. Washington DC
The guest speaker will be Kurt Schuler, who will talk about his new e-book “The Bretton Woods Transcripts”

Monetary Reform
From TGSN, Ralph Benko discussesAdam Smith’s writings on fractional reserve currency. 
In Real Clear Politics, Rich Danker writes“who is The Fed helping? Not the little guy”. 
At Digital Liberty, Katie McAuliffe callsthe internet sales tax a legislative hydra. 
On CNBC, Grover Norquist says Obama’s crazy spending must be stopped.
From The WSJ, Damian Paletta askshow late will the budget be?
In The Kudlow Report, the GOP makes the case to cut spending. 

In The Northwest Herald, Doug Finke expectsthe Illinois state pension drain to hit schools and government operations.
From The WSJ, Andrew Ackerman statesthe pension funding gap is widening for big cities.

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