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Wednesday summary: Hanke on inflation targeting; Chapman says sound money is key; Moore debates the flat tax.

From Globe Asia, Steve Hanke argues inflation targeting is a flawed analytical tool.

At Alhambra Investments, John L. Chapman suggests the economy can’t be fixed without sound money.

The WSJ applauds the Perry flat tax plan.

On PBS, Stephen Moore debates the flat tax:


In The Washington Times, Heritage President Ed Feulner advocates a debate on monetary policy.

At The WSJ, David Malpass argues for European reform:

The euro zone’s path forward is clear but politically difficult. As nations, they need to cut government spending, sell assets and allow private-sector competitiveness. As a part of a union, the euro zone has to divide up the losses from past deficits, restore confidence in sovereign bonds, and create a system that won’t let politicians borrow as much as they did.

In a speech at Heritage, US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) rejects class warfare.

On The Kudlow Report, James Pethokoukis debates income inequality data:


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