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Wednesday summary: Moore on Simpson-Bowles; Pethokoukis on the financial crisis; Karlgaard on the euro.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports the President may embrace Simpson-Bowles to regain credibility as a fiscal moderate.

At The American, James Pethokoukis notes a study refuting the prevailing progressive narrative of the financial crisis.

From NRO, Reihan Salam suggests the US is moving back towards the top of the Laffer Curve.

On The Kudlow Report, Rich Karlgaard discusses the falling euro:

In The WSJ, Harvey Golub compares the current recovery to 11 past.

On NRO, Thomas Sowell recounts Andrew Mellon’s tax cut arguments.

The Hill reports the Alliance for American Manufacturing pushing for currency manipulation requirements in future trade agreements.

In The NYT, Andrew Sorkin argues the Glass-Steagall Act wouldn’t have prevented the mortgage crisis.

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