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Wednesday summary: Woodhill discounts the Dow against gold; Rahn on spending; Cruz advocates sound money.

From Forbes, Louis Woodhill measures the Dow’s value against gold.

In The Washington Times, Richard Rahn suggests government spending cuts would spur growth.

The NY Sun recounts the five policy errors that wreck a recovery.

On The Kudlow Report, Jimmy Pethokoukis and Steve Forbes preview the GOP debate:

At TGSN, Lew Lehrman argues the gold standard bolstered investor confidence.

On NRO, Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz includes sound money in his jobs plan.

The Daily Caller reports Steve Forbes endorses Sen. Orrin Hatch (UT) for re-election.

On Kudlow, former US Rep. Dick Armey (TX) debates the President’s upcoming jobs speech:


From Reason TV, George Gilder discusses supply-side economics, Israel, the traditional family and technology.

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