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Wednesday Update: George Selgin duels with Bob Samuelson over “Fed Bashing;” Barry Elias explains We Need Tax and Monetary Reform for a Strong Economy; Samuel Gregg reveals Europe’s real time bomb.

Politics and Government

From, Ralph Benko explains what Paul Krugman could learn from how big government created the obesity epidemic. Jim Glassman at USA Today addresses some of the factors needed to rekindle economic growth. 

Monetary Reform

At NewsMax, Barry Elias: We Need Tax and Monetary Reform for a Strong Economy

Samuel Gregg in The American Spectator reveals Europe’s Real Time Bomb

This stature enabled the General to endow France with a constitution that ended almost 90 years of chronic political instability. But it also permitted him and the great French free market economist, Jacques Rueff, to force through a currency reform, balance the budget, cut spending, and liberalize important parts of France’s economy.

George Selgin duels with Bob Samuelson over “Fed Bashing.”

At The Pulse 2016, Ralph Benko says the Brookings Institute is looking for a massive Fed power-grab.  Also on The Pulse, Benko recaps Larry Kudlow’s observation about Greenspan’s remark that gold is the only real currency.

Yahoo News reports China to cut interest rates again in pursuit of growth.

From, Norbert Michel writes the market should decide if Bitcoin’s time has come.

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